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작성자 Peter Hertz 댓글 0건 조회 12,247회 작성일 2019-12-04 02:24


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    voice talent offer
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    Peter Hertz
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Hello there!

I'm a professional voice actor, I saw that you have Hungarian voice over option but I did not find any hungarian voices.
I would like to apply for this section.

My short Bio:
I've started working as a radio host, during this time I was invited working as a voice actor for commercials and dubbing. Later I was a newsreader at different radio stations.
I have a wide range of dubbing works such as documentary narration, cartoons, movies.
Nowadays I work as a sport program narrator and as a voice actor for commercials.
I'm also a professional sailing skipper at Lake Balaton, Hungary and different blue-water seas.

I worked for: Kia Motors - Pappas Auto, Ramada Hotels, Ryanair, Mercedes, Magnesia Mineral water, OTP Bank, European Union official information ad, Hungarian government information ad, Universal, Sony, Paramount, etc.

I attached some of my latest commercials.
I have also a home studio but I'm connected with several big dubbing and recording studios.
My equipment: Shure SM7B, Avid Mbox, Rode Podcaster, Macbook Pro, ProTools, Adobe Audition, etc.
I'm also capable of post production, effects and mastering.

Best regards,

Peter Hertz
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